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IPMC IT Xpert Pathway leading to IPMC Brain Award, is designed to give candidates a strong technical knowledge base and to employers good productivity workers. IPMC Brain Award separates you from the rest by certifying that you are a Top grade IT professional who has gone through a first class IT degree program as well as essential professional certifications. If you already possess a first degree in Computer Science (or plan to get one from IPMC or any other University) then you can participate in 'IPMC IT Xpert' series of certifications (enrollment every month) and earn yourself the IPMC Brain Award.

IPMC IT Xpert courses are known in the industry to provide extensive practical hands on, for giving you that extra confidence to face on the job challenges. Being the country's Top IT hardware supplier as well as IT solution provider, IPMC assists you in placements and practical attachments with Ghana's leading businesses. Prospective employers are served by our dedicated placement desk (placement@ipmcghana.com) where all our students are provided with a free listing service in the database.

Our flexible enrollment plan allows you to register in any quarter of the year and the flexible payment plan assists you with easy installment options. Remember, IPMC College of Technology gives you an International edge through its external professional examinations of Prometric and Vue testing center for various vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and others.

IPMC Expert Pathway

• Software Engineering
• Hardware and Networking Engineering
• Graphics and Web Design
• Database Technology

AutoCAD 2007 Program Course Description:

IPMC College of Technology introduces the student to an understanding of how to design and modify models using AutoCAD®

This course is designed for new students who require comprehensive training. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD. Hands-on exercises throughout the course explore how to create 2D production drawings and an upgrade of 3D. The exercises are provided in an onscreen format that can be viewed next to AutoCAD.

The primary objective of this course is to teach students the basic commands necessary for professional 2D drawing, design, and drafting using AutoCAD and an upgrade of 3D.

Tally Financial Accounting Programme (TFAP) with
Tally Certified Professional (TCP) - certified for success

IPMC College Of Technology is the only authorized Tally Academy partner conducting courses with the Original Tally courseware. Become a Tally Certified Professional, advance your career, and boost your accounting knowledge. You can build your credibility as a high quality accounting professional and attract prospective employers from diverse industry segments in the country and outside.

Why get Tally Certification @ IPMC?  
This certification gives you:
• Global recognition     • Knowledge on the latest updates in the field 
• Original Tally Courseware      • Recognition from Employers

Course Structure:
The programme has been designed to advance your career and boost your professional value. You will build your credibility as a high quality accounting professional and attract prospective employers from diverse industry segments in the country and outside.

The Tally Financial Accounting Programme is classified into four modules based on:
* Recording transactions pertaining to Service Organization
* Recording transactions pertaining to Trading Organization
* Recording transactions pertaining to Manufacturing Organization

Database Technology   [Ref: IPMC-001]
The development pace of Database Technology appears to have matured over the last twenty years and have reached a high level of reliability in Ghana and the world at large. The future will call for efficient handling of objects and sophisticated Web serving. Business in much of the world depends on database technology.

IPMC College of Technology training in Oracle Applications provides business information for effective decision-making, enable an adaptive enterprise for optimal responsiveness.
Graphic & Web Design   [Ref: IPMC-002]
It is a fact that Ghana needs more dedicated and professional graphic and web trained graduates with creative abilities, intellectual curiosity, discovery, interaction, and the acquisition of skills in the graphics and web industry to move the country forward.

From complex identity programs to single logos, graphic and web designers give a face and a “visual voice” to retail the cultural enterprises, to entertainment, manufacturing and service industries, governmental and political interests.
Software Engineering   [Ref: IPMC-003]
Software engineering is the application of systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. It encompasses techniques and procedures, often regulated by a software development process, with the purpose of improving the reliability and maintainability of software systems. The effort is necessitated by the potential complexity of those systems, which may contain millions of instructions.
Hardware & Networking Engineering   [Ref: IPMC-004]
Obtain the specialized knowledge, real-world skills, and technical competence in PC support and networking administration needed for IT jobs in Ghana anywhere in the world.

Today, even the most remote corner of the world has access to computers. This has resulted in an increase in demand for hardware and network professionals.
About NCC Education

NCC Education is a global provider for Education solutions. NCC Education qualifications range from ICT for schools to the International Degree pathway in Business or IT. NCC Education programmes are recognized by Universities, professional bodies and employers.

Originally part of the National Computing Centre, NCC Education started offering IT qualifications in 1976 and from 1997 developed it’s higher education portfolio to include Foundation and Business programmes. With Accredited Partners in over 45 countries, five international offices and academic managers worldwide, NCC Education employs the latest technologies for learning assessment and support.

Learners upgrade their skills on professional development modular programmes or complete their University Degree and Masters in their home country or in the UK.

NCC Education students benefit from unrivaled support and enhanced academic and career opportunities from examination advice and direct contact with UK university professor to scholarships and career guidance. That’s why over one million graduates chose NCC Education as their route to a quality British Education.

IPMC Academic Pathway

• BSc Computing and Information Systems
• BSc Business Administration

ICCS - International Certificate Computer Studies   [Ref: IPMC-001]
The programme provides an introduction to computing and equips students with the necessary skills to further study. The International Certificate in Computer Studies (ICCS) provides students with:
IDCS - International Diploma in Computer Studies   [Ref: IPMC-002]
Aimed at students seeking undergraduate entry into an International Degree pathway. The diploma blends the best in computing, communication and business to create world-rounded IT professionals.
IADCS - International Advance Diploma In computer Studies   [Ref: IPMC-003]
This course has a strong professional element, focusing on analytical and business skills. The course helps students to
BCIS - BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information systems   [Ref: IPMC-004]
For students who complete this degree course, a variety of academic and career opportunities lie ahead.
IDB - International Diploma in Business   [Ref: IPMC-005]
The International Diploma in Business (IDB) is available to students across the world, who want to obtain an internationally recognized business qualification that sets them on a path to successfully seeking employment in the growing world of business.
IADB - International Advanced Diploma in Business   [Ref: IPMC-006]
The international advanced diploma in business course is designed to equip students across the world with the knowledge and skills required to effectively progress their career within the business world.
BSc (Hons) in Business administration 'Accredited by University of Wales'   [Ref: IPMC-007]
The BSc (Hons) Business administration covers the scope of international businessthus providing successful graduate with the knowledge and understanding required at various levels in an international business-working environment. The required skills to effectively research analyze and manage business relationships or to develop further through postgraduate study are also covered.