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Melcom Ltd. is Ghana's largest chain of retail department stores. Our Head Office is located at North Industrial Area, Kaneshie, Accra. The core focus of our business is retail department stores; however we are also highly placed in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to the vast range of goods we stock.

With a product range that often exceeds 6500 items and includes everything from household, electronics & electricals, kitchen, plastic wares, travel goods, furniture, provisions, glassware, exercise & recreational equipment and more.

We have adopted a policy of "Low Prices and High Volumes". This way the company meets its financial obligations and its customers also benefit from our low prices. In the remote and peripheral areas of Ghana, Melcom has contributed in bringing the cost of living down by providing all household necessities at extremely reasonable prices. Melcom is more than just aisles and shelves, it also boasts of some very unique shopping experiences, which makes us different from the rest - Your One Stop Shop.

Our management policies are very customer orientated. Instances of this can be found in the fact that throughout the country, our prices are uniform. Melcom’s customer profile encompasses all sections of the society.

Melcom is not just another hypermarket. It caters to your every need. Where Melcom’s comparative advantage lays over other stores, it is the “value for money” policy for all customers.

Today we are the fastest growing retail company in Ghana. We intend to continue opening more and larger stores as time goes on, and have already begun with the Melcom-Plus concepts.

With the opening of every new store, improvements and customer friendly policies are introduced. If value for money is what drives your purchase, there can be no better place for you than Melcom.

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